Motorcycle Rental Dubai - Making Desert Exploration Memorable

Are you the one who enjoys riding at full pace instead of driving a car? If you prefer dirt over roads to get a new perspective of thrill, Just Gas It is here to make your adventure a reality. Just Gas It is here to make your adventure a reality. We offer unlimited craziness for bikers. Thrilling rides beyond your thirst for something new and wild. We propose motorcycle rental in Dubai for people with expertise and also for unprofessional persons who want to explore the inner escapade. Take a day off from your hectic routine and go on a trip with extreme activity.

Our Prices:

2 Hours - Newbies Tour: 690 AED
4 Hours - Advanced Tour: 990 AED
Full Day Tour 1,600 AED
2-Day RAK Attack Beach Resort Tour 3,200 AED
3-Day Tour across the UAE 4,800 AED

Rent a Motorcycle in Dubai & Find out What the Dessert is holding

rent a motorcycle in dubaiAppreciating the riders to travel through the possibilities. Our experts at Just Gas It never disappoint the newbie in this field. Even if you haven’t done any sort of professional training, we let you ride along with our trainers who will teach you the cutting edge techniques. Stop letting your desires go down in drain rent a motorcycle in Dubai. Let us make your plans a perfect memory. Avoiding all the accidents, it is our sworn honor to provide you with the best facilities and gadgets. Come out of you comfort zone and contact Just Gas It for exhilarating dirt bike experience of lifetime. Our Main Services are:

  • Motorcycle Rental Dubai
    With Just Gas It is easy to rent a motorcycle in dubai and join our famous Desert Tours. We provide all inclusive packages. Along with the Motorcycle you will get dressed up with riding gear, proper helmet and boots, goggles and a camelback wir refreshments.
  • Motocross Rental Dubai
    You prefer the track? We are one of the most reliable dubai motocross rentals in the market. Learn from the best expert trainers. Relish an unforgettable adventure with Just Gas It.
  • Buggy Rental Dubai
    Just Gas It offers deep desert Dune Buggy Tours in Dubai with an unforgettable sunset BBQ in our desert camp. Perfect memories for a perfect holiday are guaranteed. Our Buggies are beginner friendly and after a solid instruction you will be able to bash the Dunes with us.
  • Quad Bike Rental Dubai
    The rough terrain is waiting for you to explore the dunes on a powerful 4x4 sports quad. Provided by the top notch quad rental dubai services for offroad adventures. Just Gas It is offering the remarkable variations, gears & private tours across the dunes. 

​Why We Call Ourselves the Best Dubai Motorcycle Rental

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a Dirtbike without any worries of getting lost, gas shortage, or stress about the servicing you have to go for retaining you motorbike performance. Just come to us and get it on rent. Being adventurous staying outdoors, let the expert plan all the tour. Isn’t it sound too good? To meet your needs and requirements Just Gas It will put together a special route. On a well maintained rented motorcycle of a famous and reliable brand, you will have the perfect off road experience. Not just presenting Dubai motorcycle rental, we also offer the services of hiring dirt bike gear.

  • Challenging exposure
  • Dream come true in affordable price
  • Improve your skills
  • Unforgettable memory of riding
  • Feel safer
  • Learn to control on a off road trip
  • Private guided tour

Whether you want to try it for just once or you are an Enduro enthusiast, we promise a protected, high standard experience for you.

Motorcycle Rental Dubai and how you stay safe

dubai motorcycle rentalOff-road motorcycle rental in Dubai is an incredible fun activity. No traffic rules, no speed limits and the soft sand of the Dubai desert shows some mercy if you should fall, no pavement to hit. But, riding a motorcycle in the desert is also completely different than riding on the street.

Whether you are a professional street bike rider or a beginner on 2 wheels, there are certain tips that you should consider for riding off-road with your Dubai motorcycle rental. This will help to make you ride faster and safer.

  • 1. For Two-Finger Operation for Your Clutch Lever  One important things in the desert is throttle control and clutch operation. Part of that is using only your middle and index fingers.
    This allows you to operate the clutch without losing the grip on the handlebars. Your responses will be much faster and smoother while your arm is angled more steeply. That is important at low speeds and while challenging technical dunes.
  • 2. Soft Sand is very common in Dubai and can be very challenging. What do we need here? Just Gas It! Speed Up and Lean Back!  While on the road you learned to slow down which is the best approach on a heavy bike surrounded by bigger cars and trucks. A motorcycle rental in Dubai is different. The Dubai motorcycles for rent are lightweights compared to street bikes.

    With around 100kg the rules change off-road? Just Gas It is the key, the momentum that you gain with the speed will always carry you over or through tough terrain like deep soft sand. Moving your weight backwards adds traction to the rear wheel, where the power is needed and it´s taking weight off the front wheel to avoid it digging into the sand and letting you fly over the handlebar.
  • 3. Stay away from the front brake! Riding in soft sand where there’s only little traction. The front wheel might dig into the sand and let you crash. Don’t try to trail brake, this will simply wash out the front.

  • 4. Look where you want to go! This applies to street riding too. Consciously check your surroundings and turn your head and focus on where you want the bike to be. Your body will follow your head and the bike will follow that. Most crashes in the desert happen because riders don´t pay attention to what happens around them.





Nothing beats experiencing the Great Dubai Desert onboard a powerful Enduro. Choose from a selection of Husqvarna and KTM Enduros.

Our tours are delivered at a world class level. We strive to deliver the ultimate and very best in Off Road Adventure!


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Now anyone can experience the thrill of riding through the dessert on our guided off road Polaris Buggy tours. With automatic gearboxes and 4 wheel drive, riding in the dunes could not get any easier. Our tours are meant to keep you safe and controlled, and thus we only offer guided tours, don’t worry there will still be plenty of thrill, speed and excitement.

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Rent a Motocross Bike including all gear and enjoy the amazing Motocross Track at DMX DUBAI.

Whether Motocross riding is just an occasional hobby or you’re a Racer, we will make sure you have the best track experience!

We provide well maintained bikes from the top brands in market Husqvarna and KTM.

Motocross Training and various rental options here at Just Gas It.

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Over the months of summer “Just Gas It” will be operating from 5am – 10am and 4pm – 8pm. We will only offer 2 hour tours in the early mornings and late afternoons.

RAK Attack

After the great success of our last fun ride and everyone yelling out for more of this type of thing we didn’t want to disappoint you. So we bring you the RAK ATTACK! A social event for all our desert warriors to enjoy and meet new people to ride with. This is a over night trip so included the family and friends, so well you are out have fun in the desert the can be relaxing in the hotel and meeting like mind other people who loses there partner over the weekend to the desert.


Eid in Dubai – Enjoy 10% discount on all rides over eid! Book your spot by sending a mail to


Friday 4th October we will be hosting our first of a series of fun rides, aimed at the community of dirt bikers and friends out there (Our weekend WARRIORS)! The fun ride will will allow for teams of up to 4 riders and each team will have to collect a sequence of tags located along a designated route. Bring your own bikes or rent one from us! After the ride everyone is welcome to stay and enjoy a free Hotdog or BOEREWORS roll and join in as we all have fun talking about our rides!

Ramadan Kareem

Just Gas It wishes you and your family a Ramadan full of blessings and prosperity! May this time of reflection bring peace and happiness to you and your loved ones.

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