Amazing Water Sports In Dubai 2018

23 February 2018
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23 February 2018, Comments Comments Off on Amazing Water Sports In Dubai 2018

Dubai is among those places that are never going to get out of top tourist destinations list. Seasonal fluctuations are there, but tourists love to visit Dubai in summer. The duration of the summer in Dubai is very long; so much so that people often get bored and exhausted.

However, summer is the best time to enjoy water sports in Dubai. Water sports in Dubai contain not only a single water sport or two, but it covers a range of outstanding and exceptional water sports. Water sports in Dubai includes fly boarding, Jet Ski, marine thrills, kite surfing and much more.

Popular Water Sports Of 2018:

Here is the list of some very popular water sports in Dubai. Undoubtedly such games will give your year a tremendous start.

• Jet Ski.
• Fly boarding.
• Kite surfing.
• Sea breachers.
• Parasailing.
• White water rafting.
• Wake boarding.

Apart from these water sports, there are many others too but those which are stated above are the expected popular water sports in Dubai.

1. Jet Skiing:

Jet Ski is one of the most significant and popular water sports among the citizens or the visitors of Dubai. What is a better option than Jet Ski while the heat is high? Dubai Jet Skiing is famous all over the world, because it is not only concerned with the water sports thing but also an amazing source of viewing of beautiful views of Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. Jet Ski rental price

Image Credit:

Jet Ski Dubai:

The following offer Jet Ski rental price at affordable rates. Check them out:

• Ghantoot Marina.
• Golden Tulip Hotel.

2. Fly boarding:

Fly boarding is a completely thrilling experience. In such water sports in Dubai, there is a hover board at some distance from the sea. That hover board is connected with two jets for personal water craft. People who engage in such kind of water sports in Dubai are also known as “sea riders”. Before practicing fly boarding you must have some skill of riding it, because it can be dangerous at the same time; you need to be extra cautious while handling it to make the maximum out of such amazing water games. Still, it is important for you to note that fly boarding is not possible on Sundays or Mondays and you cannot play such water sports because sea side is closed on these days.
Where to do it:Fly boarding

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Check out this link if you are interested in trying out:

Price and duration:

The price that you will have to pay is more or less AED 300. In such a price the duration will be almost for 20 minutes.


Fishing Harbor in Jumeirah.

3. Kite surfing:

It is one of the most recent water sports in Dubai. The place which is especially for this purpose in Dubai is known as Kite beach. The trick is to maintain the balance between the kite and you. Basically, kites are not the typical one, rather they are parachutes. Undoubtedly this is not just water sports in Dubai but also a great body work out in which you have to keep the balance.Kite surfing

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Location & link:

Jumeirah Beach Road, opposite Al Urouba Street. You can check this link to try this adventure:

4. Sea breachers:

Sea Breachers is a new and popular name among water sports in Dubai. It consists of a mechanical shark [or you can say a mini shark]; the shark (mechanical) jumps up and down at a great speed just like a living shark. No water sport in Dubai is as unique as this one. It is the most thrilling water game. You must have passion to ride on such an exciting water sport.

Sea breachers

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Location & link:

• JBR, Rixos The Palm and the Kempinski Hotel.
• Try this adventure:


The price that you will have to pay is more or less AED 500. In such a price the duration will be almost 15 minutes.

5. Parasailing:

When it comes to water sports in Dubai, another awesome way to get a lot of thrill is parasailing. Parachutes are attached with you while you are in water. You are above a specific height from the sea level. This water sport is not very common not even in Dubai, but people who are ‘adventurous and daring’ would love to give it a try.Parasailing

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The price that you will have to pay is approximately AED 300.



This is the link to try this adventure sport:

6. White water rafting:

White water rafting is another amazing water sports in Dubai. It is also known as Wadi adventure. This type of water sports include an “artificial river” in which white water rafting is played. If you are really interested in something really daring and excitement then this place belongs to you. Do not miss the chance to enjoy this wonderful water sports in Dubai.White water rafting

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The price that you will have to pay is approximately AED 100. This price is implied as per person.


Al Ain, Abu Dhabi.

7. Wake boarding:

When we talk about wake boarding, four things must be kept in mind: calm water, super fly boat, excellent driver and at last but not the least is the killer sound system; this is what wake boarding is all about.This water game is not common among people of Dubai but it is very unique and exciting.Wake boarding

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Sea riders:

Marina Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai, daily 6am to 6pm, Dhs550 per hour. Tel: (055) 5103739. Metro: Dubai Marina.


Dubai Marina and Ghantoot Marina.


The price that you will have to pay is approximately AED 200. The duration will be 20 minutes.

Dubai – A center of water sports:

Certainly, opportunities for water sports in Dubai are countless; each and every type of water sport is unique and joyful. The rates and the duration of various water sports vary from sport to sport. Just Gas It offer our customers easy access to the wide range of water sports in Dubai. Also if you need hotel pick up and drop off facility in order to visit a water sports destination, hire our services at affordable rates. Reach us via website or call for further information.

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