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Whether you are a beginner in the sand or a professional in riding off-road, Just Gas It is there for your assistance at every step of your ride. We guide you deep into the desert of Dubai, trying to find the safest routes for maximum thrill and fun. We guide - you ride, that´s the deal. Join our famous dubai desert motorbike rental tours or book 1 on 1 coaching with our instructors.




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Have you got what it takes to experience the adventurous off road motorbike tour in dubai? Try the most enthusiastic, thrilling and a unique adventure in the desert of Dubai with our motorbike rental Dubai. Just Gas It offers Dubai motorbike rental deals for every skill level and guarantees an experience that is full of excitement and adventure. 

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Riding a motorbike in the desert is far different from riding a street bike. The motorbike reacts different on changing body balance and the desert sand can sometime change from solid to ultra soft within a few meters. If you are in search of an adventure & have fascination towards deserts, dirt and sand dunes then nothing is better than dubai motorbike rental. It is all about fun, excitement and thrill. It turns your world upside down and takes your breath away in minutes. This is the most spoken about activity in the emirates of UAE now days.

No matter you are experienced or inexperienced desert rider, Just Gas It welcomes everyone who is enthusiastic about desert riding. We provide guided motorbike tours in dubai for beginners and teach you how to ride in the sand. Our professional instructors are always at your side to assure security. In case of inexperienced riders, we have hired skilled professionals to assist or help. We let you live your dream of desert riding in reality. We keep in mind the individual needs of each customer to provide the best possible deals for an off road motorbike tour dubai. 

Book Your Trip and Rent a Motorbike in Dubai

Booking your off road tour with Just Gas It should be your first preference for several reasons. 

  • Skilled & Trained Tour Guides

Our team members have been in this industry for years. The skilled trainers stay side by side with you to make your tour to desert an experience of a lifetime.

  • Amazing Riding Locations

We offer the most exciting and amazing locations for bike riding to make your off road trip a memorable journey for life.

  • Well maintained Vehicles

We make sure that you experience the best track experience. Rent a motorbike in Dubai which are well maintained with all gears. You don’t need to worry about anything as we take care of every small detail of your trip.

  • Plan B if you don´t enjoy riding a motorbike

In case you don´t enjoy your motorbike rental in dubai we have solid plan B. Just jump on one of our powerfull quads and continue the tour with your friends. Don´t be ashamed to a ask us for swap, better early than late because you might struggle even more if you get exhausted on the motorbike.

Guidelines for Dubai Motorbike Rental

As the passion and interest of people about dirt biking is growing rapidly. More people are willing to try this adventurous thrill in the sand dunes. But before experiencing this adventurous ride you must know few guidelines for Dubai Motorbike rental.

  • Watch Your Speed: A too fast speed increases risk for your ability and/or the conditions. Just Gas It is the motto of our tours, but gas is not always speed. Keep your throttle hand in check and manage the speed especially in areas with limited views blocked by dunes. The main mission is to see the problem before you get to it. High speed on a motorbike rental dubai makes it nearly impossible to prepare yourself for unexpected bumps or drops.
  • Eyes Up!: Often we look down when we are scared or tired. But as soon as you look down, you’re unable to deal with the terrain that is coming up under your front wheel. This problem accelerates until you are so far behind knowing what’s going on below you that you get even more scared and eventually crash.
  • Use the Momentum: When the traction of your motorbike is limited, you must rely more on momentum. On our dubai motorbike rental you will learn how to use the momentum up to the dunes without struggling half way and giving you and your motorbike a hard time. This means keep your eyes up to where you want to go, to see what’s coming and getting on the gas before you reach the dune that has little grip.
  • You Can Do it: If you hesitate, you will likely not make it up to that dune. You will get stuck halfway up, maybe fall and hurt yourself, followed by the biggest struggle in the desert: lifting and moving a 110kg motorbike in the soft sand while standing in the heat of the dubai desert. So, Just Gas It! But that said, avoid terrain that is over your skills.
  • Stand Up: It’s nearly impossible to ride off-road when you rent a motorbike in dubai if you aren’t good at riding while standing. You need to know when it’s best to stand up and when you can sit and relax a bit. In general said, stand up for all significant bumps so your legs absorb the impacts and sit in flat areas and corners.
  • Find the Center of your Motorbike: Nomatter if you are sitting or standing, you must find the spot where your body’s weight is balanced for optimum maneuverability and fluid control.
  • Bend your Arms, Elbows up!: Your motorbike is going to move up, down, left and right at high frequency. Hold tight onto the handlebars and operate the controls while the bike is litterally fighting against you in the soft desert sand. Elbows up allows the motorbike to move and for your hands to still control the throttle and brake.
  • Forget the Clutch: Use the clutch to change the gears only. Don´t let it slip for long time, you will break it. Plan your next actions ahead to avoid using the clutch and in soft sand Just Gas It. If you get stuck don´t try to fight the dune up, go with the momentum and once you stopped your momentum shows downhill. So turn your bike, let it roll and try again with a different strategy.
  • Forget the Front Brake: On soft sand terrain, you’ll rely heavily on the rear brake. By skidding the front will quickly toss you on your head. Simply ignore that lever on your desert motorbike rental dubai.
  • Forget Wheelies and Jumps: We don´t teach any stunts on our bikes because rely on our bikes and we don´t want you to end up in a bad crash. If you know how to wheelie, then please don´t do it on our motorbikes.
  • Steer with the Rear Wheel: In the desert of dubai you don’t have a lot of grip. To try to steer with the front tire is often a bad idea. Instead, get the bike turned in the direction where you want to go, but Just Gas It to prevent a front tire washout.
  • Take Breaks: Off-road dubai motorbike rental in the desert of dubai uses a lot of physical and mental energy. If you get tired, you will lose your focus and start making mistakes and prapably taking wrong decision with bad outcome. We cary enough water with us to keep you hydrated. Don´t push you to the limit, take breaks and start over relaxed.


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