MotorBike Rental Dubai

Whether you are a beginner in the sand or a professional in riding motorcycle off-road, Just Gas It is there for your assistance at every step of your ride. We make you experience wonderful dirt biking in the vast desert of Dubai. Our deal is all about “We guide-you ride” and we actually mean it. Our services are basically designed in a way to make you enjoy the moments in Dubai desert while experiencing motorbike riding through the safest routes for maximum thrill and fun.. Join our most popular Dubai desert rental tours or book 1 on 1 coaching with our instructors with assistance of Just Gas it.

Have you got what it takes to experience the adventurous off road motorbike tour in Dubai? Try the most enthusiastic, thrilling and a unique adventure in the desert of Dubai with our special desert tours. Just Gas It offers Dubai rental deals for every skill level and guarantees an experience that is full of excitement and adventure.

Newbies Tour

  • 2 Hours
  • NO License Required

Advanced Tour

  • 4 Hours
  • NO License Required

Full Day Tour

  • Full Day
  • NO License Required

Tour across UAE

  • 3 Days
  • No License Required

Offroad Rental in Dubai - Book your Ride today

Riding in the desert is far different from riding a street bike. The bike reacts different on changing body balance and the desert sand can sometimes change from solid to ultra-soft within a few meters distance. If you are in search of an adventure & have fascination towards deserts, dirt and sand dunes then nothing is better than Just Gas It rental. It is all about fun, excitement and ecstasy. It turns your world upside down and takes your breath away in minutes. This is the most spoken about activity in the emirates of UAE now days.

No matter you are experienced or inexperienced desert rider, Just Gas It welcomes everyone who is enthusiastic about desert riding. We provide guided motorbike tours in Dubai for beginners and teach you how to ride in the sand. Our professional instructors are always at your side to assure security. In case of inexperienced riders, we have hired skilled professionals to assist or help. We let you live your dream of desert riding in reality. We keep in mind the individual needs of each customer to provide the best possible deals for an off road motorbike tour in Dubai.

Book Your Trip to Dubai

Booking your off road tour with Just Gas It should be your first preference for several reasons.

Skilled & Trained Tour Guides

Our team members have been in this industry for years. The skilled trainers stay side by side with you to make your tour to desert an experience of a lifetime.

Amazing Riding Locations

We offer the most exciting and amazing locations for bike riding to make your off road trip a memorable journey for life.

Well maintained Vehicles

We make sure that you experience the best track experience. Rent a motorbike in Dubai which are well maintained with all gears. You don’t need to worry about anything as we take care of every small detail of your trip.

Plan B if you don´t enjoy riding a motorbike

In case you don´t enjoy your motorbike rental in dubai we have solid plan B. Just jump on one of our powerfull quads and continue the tour with your friends. Don´t be ashamed to a ask us for swap, better early than late because you might struggle even more if you get exhausted on the motorbike.

Motorbike Riders

Motorbike Riders

Motorbikes in Safari Desert

Motorbikes in Safari Desert

Dubai Motorbike Rental

Dubai Motorbike Rental

Rent a Motorbike in Dubai

Rent a Motorbike in Dubai