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Quad Bike Rental Dubai

Quad Bike Rental DubaiWhen you want a high level of security and quality services before riding the dessert, Just Gas It is the place you should visit. You can count on our variety of options for hiring a motorbike.

It is not just a new exposure, having passion for many years we offer amazing experience to our valuable customers & travelers visiting for the first time.  With the power of engine in minimal price make a memory with us. We are expert in organizing half day or full day personalized guided tours. Fully equipped with essential accessories for a pleasurable drive we offer affordable packages for Quad bike rental in Dubai. Panoramic views will follow you throughout the trip. Let us plan a fun filled sightseeing allowing you to discover the dunes.  

Quad Bike Rental Dubai Prices:

2 Hours Quad Biking in Dubai:     690 AED
4 Hours Quad Biking in Dubai:     990 AED (deep desert adventure)
Shuttle Service in Safari Car:       150 AED per person

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Enjoy Quad Biking in Dubai

No previous training is required and anyone can opt for it. Whether you are newcomer or you have already tried it get the thrill back in your life. Local and tourist both can seek for our reliable guided desert safari. We will keep you entranced throughout the day with dune bash. Make memories with Just Gas It with an exhilarating escapade. Enjoy Quad biking in Dubai by renting our vehicles. 

  • Ride a quad bike off-road
  • People above 15 can enjoy the ride
  • Amazing surroundings of dessert
  • Competent and friendly staff
  • Instructions for your safety
  • Well maintained bikes
  • Explore Arabian heritage and culture 

Call Today for your Quad Rental in Dubai

quad rental dubaiBecome a memorable meanderer by quenching your thirst for adventure and adrenaline rush. Ventured out of the city with Just Gas it and hire a motorbike to race along the safari!

Don’t be scared of the idea of riding 4 wheelers, we offer two seaters to seven seaters with shoulder harness and other protecting gears for an unforgettable escapade. Let us take care of all the cautions required, call us today for Quad rental in Dubai.

  • Dream come true in affordable price
  • Unforgettable memory of riding
  • Learn to control on a off road trip
  • Private guided tour

How to ride a Quad in Dubai

How to ride a Quad in DubaiDubai is the ideal place for adventure lovers. There are many fun activities available such as water sport and desert adventures. Quad biking is one of the most popular desert activity in Dubai. If you are in Dubai and you’ve not ride a quad bike, your trip is not complete. There are many companies offering quad rental services in Dubai; each company offers excellent packages for this activity including quad tours in Dubai. If you’re looking to ride a quad in Dubai, here are a few riding tips and techniques;

  • Know your quad
    Each quad has its unique feature. The first thing is to carefully read the owner’s manual and become familiar with the operation and controls of the quad. The owner’s manual will contain the necessary procedure for starting and driving the quad.
  • Take a pre-ride inspection
    Make sure you inspect the quad before riding. Check the tires, controls, and connections. Ensure a tool kit is present on the quad.
  • Posture
    Proper riding posture will help you operate the controls easily and shifting the body weight when maneuvering. Correct riding posture includes keeping your head and eyes straight, relaxing your shoulder and resting your feet on the footrests.
  • Turning
    The quad requires proper body shifting for smooth turning. When initiating a turn, move your body weight forward to the inside of the turn. Turn the handlebars while turning in the direction of the turn. As you increase the speed when turning, move the body weight towards the inside of the turn to maintain balance.
  • How to handle obstacles
    When faced with large sand dunes, challenging terrain or any obstacles, don’t jam on the brakes. Stand up on the seat when you approach the obstacle with your arms and knees bent. Hold the handlebars firmly and step on the throttle to build momentum. Release the throttle immediately the front wheels pass over the obstacle.
  • Dunes
    Never try to climb hills at an angle, always climb straight up or straight down. To climb hills, move up on the seat and lean forward positioning your torso over the front wheels. To descend, shift your weight to the rear of the machine and use a low gear to allow the engine in keeping speed in check; Utilize both brakes to slow down gradually.
  • Don't Follow too Closely
    When riding difficult terrains, don't follow the quad in front of you too closely. If the terrain is challenging, the quad in your front may need to stop and back up. Also, always read the trails as you ride.